The author is trained as a physicist, indulged in unraveling the mysteries of classical and quantum fluids using Greens Function Montecarlo and computational physics, made a living in POTS (Plain Old Telephone System), PANS (Pretty Amazing New Services), SAN (Storage Area Networks) services management technologies and is currently dabbling in Cloud computing.

These thoughts were inspired by his recent reading of Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, and some modern economists.

The incessant chatter on Cable Channels about free markets, the invisible hand, regulation and recent economic calamity led the author of these blogs to discover and reflect on the nature and cause of economic behavior in a world where communication, collaboration and commerce are occurring at the speed of light.  Do the current theories take into account the profound impact of instant arbitrage, risk management at the speed of light and real-time trading of almost everything on the price equilibrium?  Does the invisible hand of classical economics know the profound impact of the decisions made by a few at the speed of light on the lives of many who have no control of the consequences on their lives?  While the wall street moves at the speed of light, how can the main street catch up moving at the democratic speed of executive, legislative and judicial response to keep the level playing field for all?


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